August 24, 2016 | Volume 9, Issue 5

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Ramona, as the other ministries of the Sisters of the Holy Names, embodies Core Values which reflect Blessed Marie-Rose's guiding vision for her work.  All eight of the Core Values are listed in the opening page of the students' agenda; however, each year we choose to emphasize two so that by the time they graduate our students have had the opportunity to learn about and live all of them.  This year the two that we are focusing on, and which we hope you will see reflected in our curricular and co-curricular programs, are:


Full Development of the Human Person

Cultivating and respecting the talents, abilities, and potential of each person, contributing to the development of all aspects of a person's life.


Dedication to Women and Children

Seeing, understanding, and responding to the needs of women and children.


Tomorrow the students will visit the Club Fair and decide which clubs they wish to devote their time and energy to.  Almost every club has a service component, which helps to bring to life these Core Values.  They are also exemplified and brought to life in some of our weekly assembly programs, particularly those sponsored by the Peace and Justice Club.



Next Thursday night, September 1st, is Back to School Night. We look forward to welcoming you back to campus as you get the opportunity to meet your daughter's teachers and learn about each of her courses. The evening will start with a reception in the Pavilion from 6:30 - 7:00 pm. Refreshments and light appetizers will be served as we gather together to welcome each other back. The first class will begin at 7:05 pm. Don't forget to bring your daughter's class schedule with you, she will be bringing a copy home to you next Tuesday night. Physical Education classes will meet in the Library on this night. If you have any questions please call or email Mrs. Szymanski at



Donna Perez Lough '83 and daughter Mackenzie '20


Jereen Bautista Santigo '92 and daughter Halei '20


Natalia Perzyna '08 and sister Lydia Perzyna '20

Our annual Legacy Luncheon was held last Friday right after school.  Carefully planned by Julie Huntley '72, our Director of Alumnae Relations, mothers and daughters enjoyed a delicious lunch, some sharing of memories of their school days by the moms and the "pinning ceremony" in which the freshmen received a Legacy pin from their moms.  This gives the girls their first "official" Ramona pin for their blazers.  We are happy to welcome the mom's back to Ramona and are honored to have their daughters enrolled to enjoy the Ramona experience.



Krystal Chau '17

Yvonne Moreno Chau '90

Alexis Chin '19

Monica Maldonado Chin '78 

Casandra Bonada '20

Yolanda Correa '92

Madelyn Williams '19

Angelique D'Silva '98 

Emily Echeverri '18

Elizabeth Ramirez Echeverri '90

Hailey Barrientos-Gonzalez '19

Nancy Gonzalez '97 

Mackenzie Lough '20

Donna Perez Lough '83

Amber Mercado '18

Jennifer Romero Mercado '92 

Alexandra Montoya '19

Engenia Solis Montoya '88

Lydia Perzyna '20

Renata Kazimierski Perzyna '83

Victoria Romero '19

Laura Valenzuela Romero '98 

Halei Santiago - '20

Jereen Bautista Santiago '92

Megan Valadez '19

Josephine Aversa Valadez '86



Ramona students, once again, have earned outstanding results on their AP exams. We are proud to recognize our seniors and recent graduates who have been honored by the College Board for their determination and outstanding performance on their Advanced Placement examinations.


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Please note that the Library Hours were erroneously stated in last weeks newsletter. Please see the correct hours below.


Monday - Thursday: 7:45 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
Friday: 7:45 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.

On minimum or special schedule days, the library will remain open for 30 minutes after school. Any temporary changes for special occasions will be posted.



An outstanding group of athletes tried out for fall sports this year.  The gym was full of anxious and excited volleyball players.  We are fortunate that our three outstanding coaches are returning for another year: Angel Hernandez, Varsity Coach; Henri Lee, JV Coach, and Pearl Hernandez '98, Frosh/Soph Coach.  After a strenuous week of tryouts the following students were selected for the teams:


Frosh/Soph Volleyball


Casandra Bonada

Angela Della

Daryanna Ductoc

Pricilla Martin

Elizabeth Miranda

Hennessey Moreno

Caitlyn Oxford

Lidia Perzyna

Lily Romo

Catherine Sanchez

Halei Santiago

Paula Zepeda

JV Volleyball



Chelsea Celiz

Bree Gallardo

Mindy Reyes

Hailie Toscano



Andrea Alveno

Nastasia Apodaca

Vanessa De La Rose

Ashley Herrera

Grace Montero

Alexa Perez

Carolina Pimentel

Nadia Ramos

Monique Rios

Calista Rugama

Varsity Volleyball 



Sabrina Avila

Taylor DeLuna

Tori Concepcion

Kyrene Beltran



Katelyn Navarette

Kathleen Ngo

Andrea Magallon

Josephine Vargas



Casey Alvarez

Ariel Velasquez



Mikayla Medina

Kaylyn Smith

Stay tuned for information about tennis and cross country

in the coming weeks!

Guidance Assembly


Today Mr. Chavarria (9th & 11th) and Mrs. Bonn (10th & 12th) hosted their annual beginning-of-the-year Guidance Assembly.  This was an opportunity for the counselors to introduce, or reintroduce, themselves to the students; however, more importantly, the counselors took time to outline available resources for your daughters in addition to listing goals and expectations they would like your daughters to meet.  Please take the time to have a family conversation regarding information shared at today's assembly.  Also, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will receive a copy of their transcript.  Please take a minute to review all of the information. For your convenience, Mr. Chavarria will provide links to his presentation. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Chavarria ( or Mrs. Bonn (



Thursday, August 25th

Tiger Team Day - wear your spirit shirt

Club Fair at Lunch


Friday, August 26th

Freaky Friday - dress in a style other than your own

1:15 The Amazing Race, sponsored by the International Culture Club (HFR)


Monday, August 29th

3:10 Department Chair Meeting


Wednesday, August 31st

Mass of the Holy Spirt - Dress Uniform Day


Thursday, September 1st

6:30 Back to School Night

Begin with refreshments in the pavilion and a chance to socialize with teachers and other parents.

7:00 Class Sessions begin


Friday, September 2nd

No Classes; offices will be open regular hours


Monday, September 5th

Labor Day - School Holiday



Sr. Kathleen Callaway, SNJM, President


Ms. Mary E. Mansell, Principal



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