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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Ramona Convent Secondary is responsible for the properties, affairs, business and concerns of the school subject to the provisions of the law and of the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws.

Certain powers are reserved to the Board of Members (Sisters of the Holy Names) who founded and continue to sponsor Ramona. Its purpose is to preserve and advance the mission of the school; however, it does not involve itself in the day-to-day operations of the school.

Board of Trustees
Patty Lepe Smith '79, Chair
Art Dominguez P '08, Vice Chair
Sr. Kathleen A. Callaway, SNJM
Janice H. Burrill, Esq. ’75
Gordon Trask, Esq.
Kathleen A. Garvey
Marla Provencio '74
Jennifer Siu ’77
Linda Reilly Swick ‘76
Felix Nunez P '16
Sr. Miriam Malone, SNJM '63
Cynthia Jarvis
Trustees Emeritus

Dennis M. Harley, Esq.
Thomas McKernan
Hon. Patricia M. Schnegg ’71
Thomas J. Viola, Esq. ✞