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Meet Our Students

Celeste '20

Student Body President, Freshman Class President, Sophomore Class President, Junior Class President, Robotics Team Captain, Ramona Ambassador, National Honor Society, Art Club, Harvard Model Congress, Co-Founder of Humans of Ramona

What's your favorite thing about Ramona?

My favorite thing is the learning experience and the close relationships I've developed with my teachers. As I walk into each of my classes each day, it's evident that my educators care about my intellectual development and my well-being. Whether it is staying after school to help me with AP chemistry concepts or providing suggestions to enrich my English essays, my teachers are dedicated to my success.

What do you look forward to most each day?

I look forward to seeing and chatting with my friends. At Ramona, I have made friends with some of the most intelligent, friendly, and funny people I have ever met. My friends encourage me to do my best while also making my high school experience the best I could ever have asked for.

What's a moment in the classroom that really stands out?

My favorite moments are the labs in my science classes, not only do they allow me to get to know my peers, but the hands-on learning allows me to experience the concepts first hand.

Any advice for someone who hopes to attend Ramona?

Get involved! Join the Robotics team, run for Student Council, or try out for a sport! There is no better way to make connections and form relationships with peers than to get involved in co-curricular activities. My involvement has undoubtedly provided me with my dearest friendships, not only in my grade but outside of it as well.

Claire '20

Student Body Secretary, Makerspace Ninja, Varsity Swim, Book Buddies, Music and Charity, Social Justice Through a Lens, Sophomore Class Vice President

What's your favorite thing about Ramona?

My favorite thing about Ramona is its challenging environment. I am constantly challenged to grow academically and personally. Ramona exposes me to so many new ideas, viewpoints, and experiences that encourage me to expand my worldview. Ramona's commitment to social justice has especially inspired me to open my eyes to the greater world around me.

What do you look forward to most each day?

My friends and the Ramona community at large make me feel at home. The support I receive makes difficult classes and busy schedules fun and enjoyable. I know they are always there for me, whether I need help on a homework assignment or just someone to laugh with.

What's a moment in the classroom that stands out?

One thing that stands out is the depth of the discussions we have in class. Being able to hear others' ideas as well as express my own in a comfortable and safe environment has greatly enhanced my learning experience.

Who inspires you?

My mother inspires me to be the best person I can be. She has always been level headed, able to see the bigger picture when I often can not. No matter what she may be doing or how tired she may be, my mother is willing to help other people, especially my sister and I. She is determined no matter what obstacles are placed in front of her, and she never loses sight of the greater goal ahead.

Isabella ‘21

Peace and Justice Society, Chemistry Club, Fashion Club, Model United Nations, Swim Team, JV Volleyball, Ambassador.

What’s your favorite thing about Ramona?

My favorite thing about being at Ramona is the comfort in the classroom and the environment. I love the trees and the cute little squirrels. The small size of my classes makes me feel comfortable asking questions.

What’s something you look forward to every day?

I look forward to having a good laugh! Although I work hard in school, I love having a good laugh with my classmates and teachers if we find something to be silly. Overall, I look forward to having fun while learning.

What’s your favorite Ramona tradition?

My favorite Ramona tradition is singing the alma mater after the pep rallies. It’s a great bonding moment. I always look around at my friends and remember how grateful I am for them each time we sing it!

What’s a moment in the classroom that stands out?

A moment in the classroom that really stands out for me is when a teacher makes sure that each student understands the lesson. It makes me feel cared about as a student and more confident in my work once I receive my teacher’s help.

Angelica ‘22

Sophomore Class Vice President, Ambassadors, Tiger TV Broadcast Team

What's your favorite thing about Ramona?

My favorite thing about being a student at Ramona is that I get a lot of opportunities to participate in a variety of activities that stretch from clubs to the many forms of service. As an Ambassador, I am grateful for and enjoy the experience of welcoming guests as well as volunteering at Ramona’s fun events.

What do you look forward to most each day?

Each day I look forward to my Choir class as well as my Global Studies class. I especially relish the humor of my teachers who never fail to make my day.

What’s a moment in the classroom that really stands out?

A moment that really stands out to me in the classroom is when everyone is quiet and focused on learning.