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Why a Girls' High School?

Grow in confidence, leadership and competence

At Ramona, girls lead!

Our students speak up, and their voices are heard. Girls' schools, like Ramona, teach that there is enormous potential and power in being a girl. Our students take the lead in solving real problems, such as designing an effective and innovative school-wide water conservation plan or programming a robot.

Are you looking for a safe place to be free to experiment and explore? To try out new things and try on new roles? Ramona teachers and counselors make sure that every student has the opportunity to stretch and grow.

At Ramona, girls thrive in a culture of achievement.

Girls’ schools create a culture of achievement where the discovery and development of a young woman's individual potential is paramount. Two-thirds of students at all-girls' schools expect to earn a graduate or professional degree. At Ramona, 100% of graduates attend college and most plan to attend graduate school.

Ramona's program fosters interest in underrepresented STEM subjects.

Girls' school grads are six times more likely to major in math, science, and technology compared to girls who attend co-ed schools. 45% of Ramona's Class of 2019 will major in a science-related field.

Girls’ schools graduates have an edge.

Research shows that girls' schools graduates have sound preparation for college, self-confidence in public speaking, and comfort while interacting with faculty.

What does going to a girls' school mean to you?

I've become the type of woman who isn't afraid to ask questions, I approach every problem in a new way, and I do not stop until the job is done. I'm the first to raise my hand and the last to leave class.
I give it my all!
Cecilia N. '16

Learn more about the Girls’ School Advantage.

Ask these questions about your high school experience:
  • Are you actively involved, called on, and encouraged to participate equally?
  • Do your teachers understand and respond to the way girls learn?
  • Are girls on the front lines of leadership?
  • Do you have female role models?
  • Are there women in leadership positions on the faculty or administration?
  • Does your school value and support girls’ sports equally with boys’ sports?
  • Do you persist in your studies and excel in higher-level math, science, and technology classes?
  • Does your school listen to parents and encourage meaningful partnerships?

Ramona is a member of the National Coalition of Girls' Schools.

To learn more about the unique advantages of all-girls' schools, visit