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Meet Our Visual and Performing Artists

Valeria M. '22
Drama, Ceramics I, Choir, After School Dance Program, Member of the International Thespian Society, Campus Ministry, National Honor Society, Legion of Literary Ladies (Book Club), and Ramona Ambassadors
Performed in What You Will, Noises Off, and The Little Mermaid

How has your participation in the arts helped you grow?

My participation in theatre has made me remain open minded. Playing different characters has encouraged me see the world through different lenses. I've built more confidence in sharing my craft.

Any advice for a student who's thinking about applying to Ramona?

Be open new experiences! When I was cast in my first production, I could not believe how much I truly enjoyed acting. Sometimes you'll surprise yourself with a hidden gift or talent and enjoy something that you'd least expect!

Jasmine F. '22
Visual Arts I, II, III, Ramona Art Club

How has your participation in the arts helped you grow?

My participation in the arts helped not only my skill in art grow, but also it changed the way I viewed community. Before taking art at Ramona, I was scared to receive feedback from my peers, often hiding the fact that I even drew at all. While taking VA I-III, my classmates and I were required to critique each other’s work. I found myself getting more comfortable with receiving and giving constructive criticism inside and outside of class. Visual arts classes helped me grow into a healthier mindset, along with stronger art skills.

Have your experiences at Ramona influenced your work in the arts away from Ramona?

My experiences influenced my work in the arts by improving my technical skillset. I found myself improving in composition, anatomy, and space the most.

Rachel L. '22
Play Production, Drama, Visual Arts I, II, III, AP Studio Art: 2-D Design, Ramona Art Club,
Performed in A Christmas Carol, Macbeth, The Little Mermaid, Covvedia, and Into the Woods

How has your participation in the arts helped you grow?

While at Ramona, I was able to steadily improve my art and develop my style. Before taking classes here, I never really received constructive art critiques from fellow artists so talking with others helped me discover what I like about my art and identify the areas of improvement. I enjoy drawing in my free time and my coursework at Ramona made me more confident of my drawings and encouraged me to experiment with different mediums.

What's a favorite Ramona theatre memory?

In my years of theater, I enjoyed being able to make friends from different grades. My favorite memory would have to be our final performance night because it felt like such an accomplishment to get there with the people I've spent so much time with.