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Meet Our Visual and Performing Artists

Angela '18

Visual Art 1 & 2, Ceramics 1 & 2, Advanced Placement Art: 2D Design, Theatre

Why are you an artist?

I enjoy making art because it gives me an opportunity to express myself using various media (painting, color pencil, clay, digital media, etc.). It also serves as a fun stress reliever in my free time.

How have the arts at Ramona helped you grow?

My involvement in Visual Art as a freshman helped push me to join other activities in the arts as well. I grew in my willingness to expand my comfort zone and, subsequently, have involved myself with the theatre and drama departments in set design and acting.

The art classes themselves introduced me to new skills and helped me develop enough confidence to apply for the AP art class my Senior year. I highly encourage each and everyone I meet to take any of the art courses available. They are a great way to improve your talents and hone your skills all while meeting new and amazing people.

Emily '20

Our Town, Once on This Island, ComedySportz, International Thespian Society

What do you like about being involved in theatre at Ramona?

I like that Ramona theatre lets me be creative, whether it be onstage as a character or behind the scenes, by planning sets, finding ways to advertise, and helping create costumes.

Ramona theatre has helped me become more myself and become more of a leader through performing--- something I love to do.

What's a favorite Ramona theatre memory?

One of my favorite memories was performing a bonding activity every rehearsal, involving us clapping together at the same time. We did not really know the significance of this activity until we did it all together after our last performance, signifying how we were now a family.

Even though rehearsals and performances always have to come to an end, I know that theatre has helped me create friendships that will last forever.

Samantha '18

Bells/Chimes Ensemble, Chamber Singers, Chamber Historian

How has your participation in music at Ramona helped you grow?

Ramona's music program has helped me become more comfortable in front of an audience as well as helped me form strong bonds with students in all different grade levels.

Any special memories?

Our performances at the Christmas and Spring
concerts are special memories. It's so exciting to watch friends from other ensembles perform and
perform for them in return. Everyone is committed to our performance which makes it exciting.