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Meet Our Visual and Performing Artists

Samantha '20

Ceramics I, II, III, IV, V, Advanced Art Studies

How has your participation in the arts helped you grow?

The arts have helped me develop my voice into something I can confidently call my own. Every artist learns by referencing other work, but there is a point where an artist develops her own work, reflecting her own voice. Being a ceramicist for so long, I find it's become easier to show who I am through each project I complete.

Any special memories?

I've made so many friends in Ceramics. This goes for all the arts at Ramona. It really is a place to get to know others, in the same or different grade levels, while developing our skills together.

Mikaela '20

Ceramics I, II, III, IV, V, Advanced Art Studies

Any advice for a student who's thinking about applying to Ramona?

Consider taking any type of art class! It really doesn't matter if you don't have past experience. You will learn how to grow and strengthen skills here. I came to Ramona never having touched art before, and now I can leave with a new found skill and a way to express myself.

Emily '20

Our Town, Once on This Island, A Christmas Carol, Macbeth, ComedySportz, International Thespian Society

What do you like about being involved in theatre at Ramona?

I like that Ramona theatre lets me be creative, whether it be onstage as a character or behind the scenes, by planning sets, finding ways to advertise, and helping create costumes.

Ramona theatre has helped me become more myself and become more of a leader through performing--- something I love to do.

What's a favorite Ramona theatre memory?

One of my favorite memories was performing a bonding activity every rehearsal, involving us clapping together at the same time. We did not really know the significance of this activity until we did it all together after our last performance, signifying how we were now a family.

Even though rehearsals and performances always have to come to an end, I know that theatre has helped me create friendships that will last forever.

Aelena '20

Bells/Chimes Ensemble, Choir, Music Club President

How has your participation in Ramona's music program helped you grow?

Ramona has offered me a safe place to discover who I am as a musician. Playing drums can be intimidating. It's such a male dominated activity. Being able to show my Ramona sisters what I do has really given me a lot of confidence as a musician.

Have your experiences at Ramona influenced your work in the arts away from Ramona?

Yes, definitely! Earlier this year, I got the amazing opportunity to play drums with one of the biggest bands in the world at Staples Center. I don't think I would have gained the confidence to do it if I hadn't gone to Ramona.

Any special memories?

Every time I get to sit behind a drum set is a special moment. I can't just pinpoint one. I will say, getting to play with fellow Ramona musicians is always amazing. Just having a group of girls to play music with is something special. We understand each other, not only that we're all musicians but also the fact that we're all girls.

Any advice for a student considering Ramona?

You've totally got this! High school might seem intimidating, but Ramona is such a diverse community and the girls here have all sorts of different interests. If you do choose to come here, just be yourself, and you'll definitely find that you fit in.

Danya '20

Choir, Digital Media Design, Ramona Ambassador, Makerspace NINJA, co-CEO of Tiger Apparel +, ASB Commissioner of Activities

How has your participation in the arts influenced your life away from Ramona?

Art has taught me to look at everything from different perspectives and angles and to know that everyone has her own unique style. It's like trying to understand where others are coming from, even if you have different perspectives.

Any special memories?

When I photograph my friends for photography assignments, the best moments are captured in candids.

Any advice for a student who's thinking about attending Ramona?

Go out of your comfort zone. If you think you're not good at something, especially in an area you haven't had much exposure, that's not true. You won't know until you try. You might find you're good at some things you didn't think you'd be good at, which can influence your future plans.