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Visual Arts

Work in a variety of media and let your creativity flow.

Students' imaginations and skills flourish in sunny, well-equipped drawing and painting, ceramics, and digital design studios.

"Who I am today is due to my involvement with Ramona's arts programs. I am now much more confident in myself. The Arts Department supports and encourages me through every decision I make."
Art Exhibits

The Spring Art Show showcases the drawing, painting, digital design, and ceramics production of students in all of the arts classes. Highlights include an exhibition of the concentration sections of seniors' AP portfolios, which are in-depth artistic explorations developed over many months. At the Spring Art show, student artists also serve as "docents" who explain their thinking and artistic process to their guests.

Senior Projects: The campus becomes the setting for students' artistic vision when advanced art students collaborate on construction of a work of art that is installed temporarily in a public area.

Through an advanced problem solving process, which also includes creating ideas, consideration of the audience, obtaining approvals, and presenting their work, students connect the skills they have acquired from previous art classes. The tradition of these public works has engendered an atmosphere of pride as students strive to create projects that others will consider interesting and meaningful.

Recent senior projects include:
  • “Just Keep Swimming,” a water-activated work on the sidewalk meant to encourage others on rainy days.
  • “Rainbow Stump,” painted tree stumps challenged viewers to see the new beginnings in the ends of things.
  • “Moon and Sun,” a tape mural celebrating the last weeks of school and the transition of the senior class.
  • “Tangled in Worry,” ceramic sculpture and wire, illustrating the many pressures young women face. Examples were body image, study work load, time management, and family crisis.
  • "We'll Be There for You," an "Instagram-worthy" gift to the student body.

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