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Develop a winning mindset

Ramona athletics sparks leadership, focus, and healthy competition.

Ramona's teams participate in the Horizon League for volleyball, cross country, basketball, soccer, softball and track and field. The swim team competes in the Del Rey League.

We are 2019 Horizon League Champions in Track & Field and Softball.

More than 50% of our students play on at least one team, while many others are "three sport" athletes. Team membership is encouraged across all grade levels, and team selection is skill based with most programs offering teams at both the varsity and junior varsity levels.

Playing on Ramona's soccer team for all four years instilled in me a hardworking attitude and the determination to take on and overcome challenges. At Occidental College, I felt prepared for the physical and emotional trials associated with being an NCAA college athlete. I learned how to balance my studies with my strenuous soccer schedule, and I strengthened the leadership skills Ramona helped me build.
Karina G. '11

Tigers develop an understanding of good sports citizenship and acquire the physical, social and cultural values inherent in sports. They develop persistence, patience, and a mindset for success.

We are just as proud of the Ramona girls who go on to play in college and even professionally as we are of the students who learn to play a sport and join a team for the first time while they're here.

"Being an athlete has encouraged me to become a leader. As I get older, I feel a responsibility to be a role model for my younger teammates. As a captain, I have learned to speak my mind and be open with my team. The skills I've learned have also helped me transfer the same leadership to the classroom."
Nicole V. '17
Athletic Director

Rebecca Lamas