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Meet Our Athletes

Ana B. '23

Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Softball

I participate in Athletics because it’s fun and I enjoy it. As a student-athlete who lost almost a year and a half of critical playing time due to Covid, there were a lot of things that I and my teammates missed. Being able to get back on the court and field with my coaches and teammates by my side was the best feeling.

Having a place in the Athletic community at Ramona is really all I need. I hope to help spread the passion and love for the game and inspire others!

Ramona coaches are truly the best. Each coach has a different style but brings passion and knowledge to the court or field. My coaches will always be on my side and want to see me grow and succeed in everything I do. Some of my best sports memories are always the ones with my team taking a break to laugh and joke around with our coaches.

Emily V. '23

Varsity Softball, Varsity Volleyball, Softball Captain (2021 and 2022), CIFSS All-League First Team in Softball (2022), Softball Most Valuable Player (2022), CIFSS All-League Second Team in Softball (2021)

I've played Varsity softball for 3 years as well as Varsity Volleyball last year. I have been a captain of the softball team for 2 years. I have received awards for softball: second team all league my sophomore year, first team all league, MVP, as well as making the Southern Section All CIF team my junior year.

Ever since I was 4 years old, I knew my passion was for softball. It brings me, as well as my family, so much joy. I am incredibly competitive and softball allows me to compete while playing a sport I love.

One of the major highlights of being a Tiger Ahtlete is making lifelong friendships with my teammates and coaches. They are in my life now as teammates and they'll be my biggest fans for life.

Adriana Z. '25

Junior Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Track and Field

Sports have always been an important part of my life. It's an outlet for me to share my talents with my teammates. My coaches and my dad have been especially supportive. They've been a big part of my improvement over the past few years. I've been awarded "Most Improved" for the Track and Field 2022 season. Coaches at Ramona are always there for you and make it a goal to develop strong athletes. After each season is over, I walk away with strengthened connections with my team and my coaches. That's one of my favorite things about being a Tiger Athlete.

Citlali G. '25

Varsity Volleyball (JV Most Valuable Player Award / Varsity Most Improved Award), Varsity Basketball (Best Offensive Player Award), Varsity Softball (Most Improved Player Award), Tri-Athlete Award 2022

My main motivation for playing sports is just because I really enjoy it. There's something empowering about recognizing how much I improve from one season to the next. My coaches help me achieve my goals by giving advice and encouragement to help me become a better athlete and teammate. I enjoy meeting other athletes. We share a special bond through a sport we all love. One of my short term goals is to earn "League Champion" status in every sport I participate in this year.