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Meet Our Athletes

Kiley '20

Varsity Softball Captain, Horizon League First Team

From the moment I was able to walk, I had a ball and bat in my hand. When it came time to choose a high school, I was looking for an excellent education and a competitive softball program that exuded sisterhood on and off the field.

Ramona is the perfect school for me. I am able to be myself as well as be competitive.

The best part of Tiger softball is our sisterhood. I have made my forever friends from softball. I love that I am a leader on the team and help encourage my fellow teammates. Through our strong bond, and competitive nature, we accomplished our goal of becoming the 2019 Horizon League Champions.

Ariel '19

Varsity Volleyball, Basketball, Softball

I love all sports. My dad has always had a great impact on my athletic career. He's been there every day, just like my mom encourages me academically to be the best I can be.

I really like the sisterhood at Ramona, and I felt at home here immediately. I didn't know many people when I came, so being on the teams is where I started to make friends. Now I have friends throughout the school.

We pray as a team before each game, and I always ask God for guidance and help, especially in stressful situations. That helps me get through the tough times---and so does having so may great people around me.

Analisa '18

Varsity Tennis, Soccer, Softball; Connie Parker Award Winner

I have been a passionate softball player since I was 4 years old. It's a true blessing to be able to develop my skills and exercise my leadership abilities while creating an irreplaceable bond with my teammates on Ramona's softball team. These past years on the team have allowed me to flower into the player I have always wanted to become.

I play sports because physical activity helps me stay positive and keeps me healthy. I also deeply value spending time outdoors.By playing sports, I become one with my surroundings.
Being an athlete at Ramona helps strengthen all aspects of my character as I develop my ambition, empower my peers, and persist for excellence. These qualities not only shape me as an athlete, but as a diligent student as well.

Kaylyn '20

Varsity Volleyball

I play volleyball because it's a sport that involves logic and teamwork. I also love competing and playing against hard teams to improve my skills.

When I graduate from Ramona, I'd like to become a lawyer. I love to argue for what's right and be a voice for those who do not have one.

I love working with my teammates to achieve a common goal.