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Ramona is a community of learners, of high expectations, of sisterhood.

"The best thing about Ramona is the welcoming environment the girls create here. You can truly be yourself which makes school feel like home."
Class of 2016

We value authenticity, responsibility, balance, and mutual support. While developing intellectual strength, self advocacy and global citizenship, Ramona girls are empowered with confidence, life-long friendships, and independence. More than 7,000 alumnae throughout Los Angeles and the country are part of our larger community.

"At Ramona, I felt a genuine investment in me as a student and as a person. It wasn't just about making me successful in high school but about preparing me to be successful in all phases of life, beginning with college. I felt cared about. The teachers go above and beyond--they become mentors, advocates, counselors and more."
Annelise H. '10