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Student Leadership

Make a Difference!

Every Ramona girl develops her skills as a resilient, effective leader. Leadership development at Ramona is on-going and intentional, ingrained in our mission as an all-girl, Holy Names school.

  • Leadership opportunities are available for everyone through ASB, President's Council, class, club, and team offices.
  • All Ramona students study and practice public speaking and effective communication.
  • Students are trained to take action and solve real problems in their school and communities.
  • Older students serve as role models and helpful mentors for younger students.
  • Shared bonds of sisterhood encourage supportive competition and collaboration.
  • Students meet and learn from inspiring female leaders through our Ramona Speakers Series.
  • Our safe, respectful and caring community promotes self-confidence and counters negative images of women in the media and culture.
  • 100% of Ramona students participate in the clubs, student government, service or sports activities that are part of student life.

"At Ramona I have learned that no matter where I go, I can be successful if I remain true to myself. I have learned to speak my voice and to never be the one to just watch injustice--to be the one to stand up and make a change."
Class of 2016