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Do you love to learn?

At Ramona, enjoyable intellectual challenges, leadership development, spiritual growth and 21st Century skills of problem solving, creativity, communication, and critical thinking will guide your learning.

High standards, engaged teachers, and personalized course placement will help you achieve. By senior year, more than 90% of students have challenged themselves in AP or honors courses, earning college credit and reaching personal goals of success.

Are you curious?

Your teachers will inspire you and make you think.

Ramona teachers love to teach. They know how young women learn best—by capturing curiosity with lessons that begin with inquiry and end with understanding. Class sizes are intimate, so your teachers will know you and make sure you do your best.

"My teachers made Ramona a place where I had mentors who not only taught me to open my mind and expand my capabilities but who also created a welcoming environment that allowed me to take risks and express myself."
Class of 16

Ramona students love to learn. Whether your passions are chemistry or art, literature or music, engineering, French, politics or digital design---21st century critical thinking, communication, problem solving, and global awareness will infuse your learning.

Your course placement is individualized, so you will follow a personal path to success. You can challenge yourself in AP or Honors courses at any level. You may explore your own research project through the AP Capstone course sequence, take a course on line, or design an independent study in the arts.

Because you take seven classes, you will meet college entrance requirements and still have a place in your academic program to try something new.

"Our teachers' high expectations help us reach new heights."
Arely O. '16
  • Leadership skills and speech are integrated into every course. Speaking in public, organizing a team, and advocating for your ideas become second nature.
  • Cutting-edge technology makes analysis, current data, communication and collaboration elements of all you learn.
  • Two full-time counselors, two full-time librarians, and a team of homeroom moderators and administrators lend practical support as you learn and grow.

When you graduate, you will be ready for the world. Ramona girls are educated, inspired, and independent FOR LIFE.

Course Catalog
Course Catalog

Typical 9th Grade Schedule
English 9 *
Math options: PreAlgebra, Algebra I, Geometry or Honors, Algebra II/Trig or Honors
French, American Sign Language or Spanish
Modern World History
Honors Biology or Visual/Performing Art elective or Science elective

* 9th grade students may be invited to supplement their learning in the Honors Humanities Symposium