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Do you like to think?

Inquiry guides our philosophy of learning. Ramona offers a rigorous and personalized college-prep program with a wide array of AP, Honors, Arts, and (STEM) Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and elective courses.

You will take 7 classes each semester, so you can discover new passions while fulfilling (and exceeding) all the requirements for admission to college. More than 31 honors and Advanced Placement courses, including the AP Capstone program, will keep you challenged. Our strong emphasis on writing skills will make sure you're ready for college.

In addition to your core courses, explore an extensive selection of electives.

Build a clay vase, sing, act, paint, design digitally, or draw in our art and design studios. Solve a crime in Forensic Science. Design and create your own robot, sound and light displays, wearable electronics or whatever you envision using our 3D printer in our Maker Space. Build a solar charging station in Engineering. That's just a start.

All electives meet during the school day, so you can play sports or challenge yourself with arts, clubs or service after school.

"I learned how to write persuasive essays, conduct research, solve problems, and read carefully. Ramona is an excellent place to learn and grow."
Jessica N. '15
Course Catalog
Course Catalog