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Are you a problem solver?

Ramona's technology and engineering classes will give you the knowledge and practical skills you need to create innovative solutions. Learn to build prototypes, code, use power tools safely, wire an electric circuit, use a 3D printer, and work with basic electronics.

In class and in our MakerSpace, combine skills to create something amazing: a drone, for example, or a programmable robot. True success is defined not only by what you know but by what you do with what you know. At Ramona, we'll teach you both.


Come in and make and create.

In our MakerSpace, the Ramona Maker Den, you can design and build robots, sound and light displays, wearable electronics, or whatever you envision using our 3D printer, Cricut Air Explore, Arduino and other micro-controllers, sewing machines, serger, electronic components, and other materials. Here your creativity roars to life!

"In our Maker Den we build collaborative curiosity to empower the rich learning experiences that 21st Century education demands; we push boundaries so we DREAM BIG; and we inspire students to imagine, design, create, and innovate."
Brian Kays, Director of Innovation and Technology Integration

Courses include:
Engineering: Design and Applications
Physical Computing
Forensic Science
Digital Graphics
Computer Science
Concepts, Applications, and Research in Science