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Understand yourself and the world around you.

English is much more than a required reading list. Every day, people use language to inform and persuade.

Through the study of writing and literature, you will grow in your knowledge of your own and other cultures, become a critical thinker, and learn how to respond to big ideas. You will practice reading, writing, and speaking with both purpose and clarity. At Ramona, we believe mastering the English language leads to a deep understanding of both yourself and your role in the world around you. We don't just assign writing, we teach it.

"We rely on the development of core skills - writing and critical reasoning - as tools to make sense of literature, culture, and ourselves. We want our graduates to embrace the world around them and engage in it with thoughtfulness, nuance, and empathy."
Matthew Carrillo-Vincent, English Department Chairperson
Courses include:
English 9 (Introduction to Genres)
English 9 Honors
English 10 (British Literature)
English 10 Honors (British Literature)
English 11 (American Literature)
English 12 (Culture, Identity, and Los Angeles)
English 12 Honors (Culture, Identity, and Los Angeles)
AP English Language and Composition
Speech and Communication

Creative Writing Contest
Poetry Cafe
Literary Magazine
Tiger Tutoring
SAT Preparation
Ramona Scholar Project