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Science is more than knowledge.

It's a social activity, a combination of curiosity, creativity, imagination, and beauty. It requires teamwork.

In your science classes at Ramona, you will explore, make observations, take wrong turns, and do things over and over again. You will build, calibrate instruments, collect data, and construct physical and mathematical models for testing your ideas. You will learn to ask questions, read, argue, and wrestle with unfamiliar ideas to gain understanding. This is the experimental nature of science.

"The science teachers at Ramona put every effort into helping us reach our full learning potential and achieve our academic goals--even when the goal seems as far away as Mars."
Maddie '17

Award Winning FIRST Robotics Team (meets after school so all can participate)
American Society of Civil Engineers
American Chemical Society
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition
Science Olympiad
Chemistry Olympiad
Ramona Scholar Project