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Social Studies

Hungry for positive change?

Every important movement began with one person who saw a problem that needed a solution or a wrong that needed to be righted. We prepare you to be that person.

Here at Ramona, you will develop the academic skills you need to become an active global citizen, a critical thinker who questions what you see on television or online.

Become the kind of communicator who expresses your opinions clearly and concisely. Become the kind of leader who can identify a problem and organize others to find solutions. Learn how our own political system works and how to participate in it.

An extensive selection of courses is supported by co-curricular opportunities such as Harvard Model Congress, guest speakers, service, clubs, and field trips--all ensuring that you understand and connect with the world.

We are an affiliate school of the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.

Courses include:
Modern World History
Cultural Studies
US History
AP US History
AP Government
Introduction to Psychology
AP Psychology

Engaging discussion, public speaking, and debate are essential elements of Harvard Model Congress, a vibrant force at Ramona for many years. Ramona is the only girls’ school from California that participates in this American government simulation. Run entirely by Harvard University students, HMC is dedicated to teaching and inspiring the leaders of the future.

Every year, Ramona students travel to Boston to join high school students from around country who take on the roles of senators, representatives, Supreme Court justices, Foreign Relations Committee members and other members of government. During the months of preparation, students research their roles and prepare bills. At HMC, they write, re-write, debate, and vote on the bills they have formulated, participating in the productive debate that is part of leadership, government and civic life.

During their trip students also tour Boston, visiting historical landmarks, Faneuil Hall, the Public Garden, Old North Church; sample delicious Boston cuisine such as clam chowder and real East Coast Pizza; make friends from around the country; and discover what it might be like to attend college on the East Coast.