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Develop your faith.

At Ramona, we help you encounter God not just in the classroom but in your families and in your communities.

Developing a Christian identity is a personal, lifelong process. We believe that understanding the Gospel and developing your faith happens through life experience. Because of this, social justice and service are essential to our program.

Ramona welcomes students of all faiths who support the school's mission and values.

"We believe that God is good, and we honor God's goodness by creating a welcoming place for people to explore and express their faith."
(from "What Makes an SNJM School SNJM?")
Courses include:
Theology 9: Scripture Values
Theology 10: Church/ Sacraments
Theology 11: Morality/Social Justice
Theology 12: Spiritual Life/World Religions
Catholic Beliefs: Introduction for International Students

Faith in Action

Social justice and service are integrated into all classes.

Students grow their leadership skills and develop their faith through action. They lead and participate in retreats, school liturgies, prayer services, the Peace and Justice Club, the Student Campus Ministry Team, Thanksgiving and Christmas Drives, Beach Clean Up, Service Fair, Lesotho Drive for our sister schools in Africa, Ramona Scholar Projects, and the SNJM Youth Justice Forum.

Our water education, conservation and action program, part of student life and the ninth grade theology curriculum, received the 2015 Cool Climate Award in Water Stewardship from the Interfaith Power and Light, an organization of faith-based congregations committed to being "stewards of Creation through the promotion of energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy."

Ramona filmmakers also won the top two prizes for writing, photographing and producing the first and second place award winning videos in the Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center's 2016 "Justvideo" contest.