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Season's Readings

from L3 – the Legion of

Literary Ladies!

Picture yourself lounging on the sofa, drinking hot chocolate and enjoying a great book. The Literary Ladies would like to remind you that you can check out a variety of books to read over the holiday season from the Ramona library or your local library.

Book vs. Movie!

“Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon is a great book. It is inspiring and powerful! The young adult novel is based on a teen girl who is sick and home-bound and falls in love with the boy next door. I love how I can relate to it even though the novel is based on life situations that are different from my own. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who would like to read about romance and taking risks for the things you love and the life you want to live.” - Sheccid V. ‘21

Why not try a graphic novel?

“I recommend the Bone series by Jeff Smith because the books are adventurous, suspenseful, and elevate curiosity about the characters. The visuals are amazing, and the plots of the stories leave the reader in suspense, with cliffhangers around every turn. They emphasize the value of friendship and the importance of trusting one another and being there for one another through thick and thin. Readers see the characters go through life changes and see how they adapt to various situations. One of the themes is survival of the fittest, but with a twist: The author seems to promote the importance of being not just physically fit, but also mentally, emotionally, and socially.”—Laura O. ‘21

Love suspense?

“Burn for Burn by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian is a story about revenge and friendship. Three girls each have a particular secret, and each one has been hurt by someone at her school. Although the three girls are very different from each other, their secrets bring them together as friends. They band together to enact revenge on those who have hurt them, but they learn that not everything in life goes according to plan.It is a great story of making and breaking friendships.” – Isabelle M.V. ‘21

Crave action and adventure? Like Mythology?

“Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, recently came out with a new series that is based upon Norse mythology-- Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. I'll admit that I was hesitant to read it at first, wondering whether it would hold up against the excellent Percy Jackson stories. When I took a chance with it, however, I was pleasantly surprised! Full of humor, diverse characters, and warmth; Magnus Chase is all about different people finding a new home together. It’s a perfect holiday read!”—Alexandra R. ‘21

Prefer realistic fiction about teens?

Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky is an outstanding novel that highlights problems some might face during adolescence. The story follows fifteen year-old Charlie as he navigates his freshman year in high school with his senior friends, Sam and Patrick. This short but powerful novel is a window that lets readers see how challenging the life of a teenager can be. I learned that sometimes just sitting in silence for a while to reflect can bring clarity. In addition, this novel simultaneously deals with a variety of reasons why high school can be a place where people can change for the better or worse.”—Monserrat Gonzalez, Class of 2021.

ot a big reader? Don’t know where to start?Follow Alizé R.’s lead and ask friends; ask our librarian, Mrs. Tegtmeier; ask family members; and/or ask your teachers for their recommendations. You’ll be glad you did!

Looking for Alaska by John Green is a book that many people have recommended. They’ve all said great things about it, so I think I’m going to give it a try. I’m very excited to start this book!”—Alizé Romero, Class of 2021.

Fan of Fantasy and Fairytales?

“Pick up Shannon Hale’s Princess Academy. This lovely story is about Miri, a young girl who has lived in her small village all of her life and gets caught between a future of royalty and a life with her family and childhood friends. Princess Academy is a coming-of-age story that involves overcoming obstacles, understanding family, seeking knowledge for a better future, and recognizing the value of a strong sense of community. As Miri sees and experiences new things, she learns she must both cherish her past and be open to the future. I hope you will join Miri on her wonderful journey as she learns about herself, meets new people, and explores the world beyond her horizon.”—Desiree N. ‘20

Escape into the pages of a classic Sci Fi novel!

“Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is unique.It is set in a futuristic world, where daily life and society are very different from what we know. Readers are drawn into the pages of this book, where they get to visualize and experience a world that expands their imagination and understanding. The book is so intriguing that it is difficult to put down!"—Paula Zepeda, Class of 2020.

ooking for a riveting, award-winning Mystery?

“Bone Gap by Laura Ruby is an excellent book to read over the Christmas holiday! In this suspenseful novel, each chapter ends in a cliff-hanger that leaves the reader wanting to read more, eager to find out what happens next. This story will especially appeal to those who have an affinity for mysteries and suspense novels.”—Hilda B. ‘20

John Green doesn’t disappoint!

“I’ve read almost all of John Green’s books, and I’m extremely excited to read his newest one. My top favorite is Looking For Alaska because I really got into the book.Every time I’d have to stop reading it, I just kept wondering what would happen next!John Green is definitely my favorite author, and hearing that his newest book is in my school’s library makes me very happy! I can’t wait to check it out!—Kristina R. ’20

The Ramona Library has two copies of this book and one is a signed copy!

Poetry for you and me! Sisters and L3 members Gabriela D. and Anneliese D. both recommend books by Canadian poet, writer, and illustrator of Punjabi descent—Rupi Kaur.

the sun and her flowers is Rupi Kaur's second collection of poems, since her widely acclaimed 2014 publication, milk and honey. In this volume of captivating poetry, prose, and art, Kaur divides life's challenges and gifts into five chapters. This a great read for the holidays for all lovers of poetry and for anyone inspired to write her own poems. With our annual Poetry Café coming soon on February 7th, the sun and her flowers might have just have the perfect poem for you to share! – Annie Deusch, Legion of Literary Ladies (L3) President, Class of 2019.

But wait! There’s more!The Ramona Library has the latest titles that students been waiting to read!Here are 3 of our NEW books that our Librarian, Mrs. Tegtmeier, has selected as recommendations for you! (There are many more!):

Something in Between by Melissa De La Cruz

New York Times bestselling author and recent guest speaker at Ramona Convent, Melissa De La Cruz, has written a timely, semi-autobiographical novel about a teen’s immigrant experience.

The Thing with Feathers (2017) by McCall Hoyle

Fans of Nicola Yoon’s Everything, Everything or John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, will enjoy Hoyle’s The Thing with Feathers. It’s a story of “overcoming fears, forging new friendships, and finding a first love.”