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Sister Simone Campbell

Our Service Day last Thursday was a wonderful day for students and faculty. A highlight, of course, was hearing from Sister Simone. Both her public and student presentations were outstanding: both inspirational, challenging, and thought provoking. While we have heard quite a bit about trafficking and the evils thereof, which of us can forget the story of the penniless Iraqi refugee woman with seven children who saw selling her eldest daughter as the only way to provide food for the other six children. We remember, too, the young woman attending the White House reception who worked full time for minimum wage - and didn't make enough money to pay rent so she moved from homeless shelter to homeless shelter each night.

In asking students what they remembered, the following ideas came forward:

  • Instead of fighting against, let's move forward together toward the vision.
  • No one can do everything, but we can all do something...and if we all do something, that is the power of community...everything gets done.
  • In a school where you are trained to be leaders, take the power that is yours and use it for the good of all.
  • We should write advocacy letters; elected officials do pay attention to us because they know that we are future voters.
  • Make your voice heard; follow your passion.

What breaks your heart...there is your passion!