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At Ramona you will use technology to deepen and personalize your learning, to connect and collaborate, and to enhance your engagement with global issues.

Brain science tells us that the most effective learning occurs when you are involved in a process of inquiry and creation. Research also shows that technology, thoughtfully integrated into daily instruction, helps make this deep learning possible.

Using 21st century tools, you will develop a mindset of creating rather than consuming content. At Ramona you will analyze letters and census data from the Civil War, record and evaluate your own singing, track your fitness, prepare presentations, annotate texts, collaborate with scholars around the world to design solutions to artistic, mathematical social or scientific programs, program micro-processors to activate LED lights, practice listening to and speaking French, Mandarin Chinese, or Spanish, submit assignments electronically--and that's just a start.

These tools, however, are powerful. Digital citizenship, including responsible use of technology and on line safety, is integrated into our curriculum.

Because learning isn't connected to any particular device, and because many college students and working adults use more than one device, we encourage you to choose the device (laptop or tablet) you prefer.

"In AP Chemistry and Physics, we use Vernier lab quests. It's so cool because we can measure velocity, acceleration, pH, data from a spectrometer--and easily transport the results to the computer for further analysis. I like being able to use real data and apply what I've learned to the real world."
Ileana V. '16
Technology on Campus:
One PC lab with 30 computers
High-quality color laser printers
One MAC lab with 26 computersWi-fi access throughout campus
25 PC computers in Library for student use3D Printers (4) in MakerSpace
Interactive short-throw projectors in classrooms
Class sets of iPads for classroom use