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SNJM Mission


Ramona is a welcoming and inclusive Catholic college-prep high school for girls sponsored by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary (SNJM).

We graduate young women of academic excellence and spiritual depth, who are open to the wisdom of other cultures and ready to lead and serve in an evolving, interdependent world.

We are the only school in southern California and the Los Angeles area sponsored by the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.

Because Holy Names (SNJM) values and high standards of excellence permeate our programs, each student is challenged to reach her full potential. Ramona graduates are prepared for life.

"Catholic education, as envisioned by the Sisters, empowers people to unlock their God-given gifts. Helping people to develop their full potential is the foundation of the Sisters' mission and ministries. It is the heartbeat of an SNJM school."
(FRom "What makes an SNJM School SNJM?")

Let us go forth, cast fire, and liberate life!


A WOMAN OF FAITH who lives out her own spirituality while respecting other beliefs, demonstrates an understanding of the Catholic faith through prayer, service, and social action and applies moral and ethical values to her daily like.

A WOMAN OF BALANCE who integrates all facets of herself: spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual, artistic, and social.

A CRITICAL THINKER who can organize analyze, evaluate, and synthesize ideas and information to develop solutions.

A COMMUNICATOR who effectively and reflectively read, writes, listens, speaks and collaborates with others.

A TRANSFORMATIVE LEADER who nurtures the gifts of others, initiates new ideas, resolves conflicts constructively, and works collaboratively to achieve goals.

Since our founding in 1889, in Alhambra, a suburb of Los Angeles, our commitment to instilling these skills and values has guided our curriculum, our co-curricular programs, and our future planning. Our focus ensures that every student who graduates is independent and prepared for a meaningful life.

SNJM values power a Ramona education.
Full development of the human person
Education in the faith
Dedication to women and children
Dedication to justice
Service to people who are poor or marginalized
Commitment to liberating action
Love for the names of Jesus and Mary