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Service in the time of COVID

Spring Service Project2021

Freshmen and Sophomores must complete three hours of service.Those three hours must include two different options.One of those options must be service to your family or larger community where you physically do something.

Juniors and Seniors must complete six hours of service.Those six hours must include three different options.One of those options must be service to your family or larger community where you physically do something.

If you do service at an organization and signatures cannot be obtained, a picture of yourself doing service at the organization or an email on the organization’s letterhead will suffice.

All students must take a picture of themselves or have someone take a picture of them doing each service option they choose.

All students must write a service reflection as part of their project.The reflection can be the usual three questions from the verification form or other questions designed by the theology teacher.

The Spring Service Project is due MONDAY, APRIL 26TH to your theology teacher.

Service Options
1. Give blood There are many organizations that are running safe blood donation centers. (One hour)
2. Make hygiene bags or sack lunches for people experiencing homelessness You must make at least 10 bags.Each hygiene bag must contain at least five items from the following:shampoo, conditioner, comb, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, deodorant, razor, floss, snack, lotion. (One hour)
3. Zoom tutoring or with the elderly You can help a child struggling with their homework or talk to an elderly person who is lonely.Contact any school or nursing/retirement center.Must be at least one hour. (30 minutes: must do 2 sessions)
4. Send a petition Find an online petition about a cause you care about or is politically urgent at this time.Research the topic, type a one paragraph synopsis of the topic, include the link to the petition, and email it to Sister Anna who will forward it to the Ramona community. Twice only. Due Friday April 2nd. (One hour)
5. Go shopping for an elderly or immune-compromised personMany people in this demographic don’t feel safe in stores.You can help! (One hour)
6. Beach cleanup/community garden. You can pick up trash on the beach safely if the beach is not crowded and you can socially distance.Plant a community garden or clean up a park organized by a local park. (Hours vary)
7. Cook a meal You can cook a healthy meal for your family or another family to help with parents who are stressed out working from home and trying to manage their children’s online learning. It must include three things: a main dish, salad or vegetable, and starch or dessert.(One hour)
8. Babysitting You can babysit siblings or other children who are learning at home online while parents must work. (Hours vary)
9. Mask making You can make masks for friends and family (Hours vary).
10. Alexandria House You can cook a meal with your friends and deliver it to Alexandria House homeless shelter for women and children.Email Alejandra at to sign up for a date.Your theology teacher has the flyer with more details. (Two hours)
11. Ramona Campus Ministry This includes retreats, prayer services, peace and justice activities, and anything else that helps with Campus Ministry as well as outside church activities.
(Hours vary)
12. Media Mindfulness with Ms. A Attend a google meet meeting where you will read an article or book ahead of time and discuss its social justice implications.Meetings happen monthly.(One hour) (½ hour for reading)
13. Advocacy/Research/Donation Research a social justice organization of your choice and type a half page essay describing what they do. Make a donation (any amount) to that organization and do some kind of advocacy to go with it.This can include signing a petition, calling your congressperson, or writing a letter. (One hour)
14. Lasagna LoveSign up at Cook a lasagna and deliver it to a family in need. (Two hours)
15. Attend a social justice webinarThere are many webinars available that are great learning opportunities.You must take a screenshot of yourself in the webinar and type a ½ page paper on what you learned. (Hours vary)

16. Call an elderly person who cannot leave their home Volunteers call senior citizens to provide social connections while people are stuck at home during the pandemic.Various nursing homes and retirement centers have people who cannot leave their facilities to socialize.Organizations include Atherton Baptist Homes, Pasadena Senior Center, and the Hello Club sponsored by the Los Angeles LGBT Center.
17. Watch a social justice movie/documentary Watch the documentary and type a ½ page reflection.(Hours vary)
18. Read a nonfiction social justice book Read the book and type a ½ page reflection. (50 pages=One hour)
19. CRS Lenten Rice Bowl dinner/video/discussion/donation Prepare a meal from one of the featured countries, watch the short video about the country with your family, discuss the reflection questions, and make a donation. All recipes and resources are on the website. (Two hours)

20. Virtual Valentines for hospital patients Send virtual Valentine’s cards to patients at CHLA or St. Jude’s Hospital. Take a screenshot of the confirmation email. (5 cards = one hour) Twice only
21. Sign up your elderly family members for a Covid shot These websites are tedious to deal with.Many elderly people are frustrated trying to sign up for a slot.You can help!(Hours vary)
22. For Goodness Cakes This organization matches volunteers to bake at home and hand-deliver birthday cakes to foster children and at-risk youth. Visit for more information. If you are under 17 years old, your parent must supervise you during the baking process. If you have direct questions, email Jo Pessin for logistical details at
23. Option you design yourself Come up with your own idea and get approval from your theology teacher.


  1. Students should not come in contact with people who are elderly or immune-compromised.This is because young people may not have symptoms, but could be carriers of COVID-19.
  2. Students should wear masks and stay 6 feet away from people while out in public or while in contact with people who are not household family members.
  3. Students should NOT receive any pay for their service.
  4. Hours should not be accepted for doing ordinary family chores as a member of a family household.