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Service Project Guidelines


● Freshmen and Sophomores must complete six (6) hours of service per semester.

● Juniors and Seniors must complete twelve (12) hours of service per semester.

● Half of the student's hours must be from the Analysis and Action category listed below.

● If a student works at an off-campus organization four or more times, they must obtain a letter and/or time sheet from that organization verifying her hours. If a student works at home or in a nature community, a picture of themselves doing service is required for verification.

● All students must write a service reflection as part of their project. The reflection can be the usual three questions from the verification form or other questions designed by your theology teacher.

Due Dates:

Summer 2022 Service Hours are due Tuesday, August 23rd (Theology blocks G, A, B) or Wednesday, August 24th (Theology blocks C, D, E, F)

Fall 2022 Service Hours are due Thursday, November 17 (Theology blocks A, B, C) or Friday, November 18 (Theology blocks D, E, F, G)

Spring 2022 Service Hours are due Monday, April 3 (Theology blocks E, D, C) or Tuesday, April 4 (Theology blocks B, A, G, F)

Please submit all your service hours to your current theology teacher. Summer hours can also meet your Fall Service requirement.

The framework of Catholic Social Teaching rests on the analytical reflection of social issues and the practical action of liberation as Jesus calls us to do in discipleship.


Analysis is the deep reflection and research of asking, “Who are the poor and vulnerable within our neighborhoods, local communities, nation and global family?” and exploring, “Why do particular social injustices exist?” Analysis will help students understand why social injustices persist from multiple intersectional angles and whom it impacts from ecosystems, cultures of insects and animals and
our human family.

The student’s service of analysis must be written in a ½ page reflection paper in accord with the School-Wide Writing Rubric on pg. 16 of their agenda. The reflection paper must address the above questions.

Examples of Analysis:

A. Researching a Social Justice Organization and exploring the services they provide.
B. Watching a Social Justice Documentary
C. Reading a Nonfiction Book on Social Affairs
D. Hearing a Podcast on Social Justice and Advocacy
E. Hearing and Analyzing a Music Album based in social justice and change
F. Attending an Art or Museum Exhibit on either a social issue or advocate leader
G. Signing a Petition

*Students MAY NOT repeat the analytical source throughout their Ramona Career. If found reporting duplicate work, the student’s hours will not be counted and will undergo plagiarism consequences.


Action is the direct, physical response to the analysis of social injustice. Action calls students to alleviate social sin through love, accompaniment and grace. How are students called to witness the dignity of the poor and vulnerable and accompany them in their journey of healing.

The student’s service of action must be practical and direct.

Examples of Action:

A. Donating Blood (One Hour Max)
B. Making Hygiene Bags or Meals for Organizations, who help people who are houseless. (10 Bags = 1 hour)
C. Nature Clean- Up at the Beach, Park or Hiking Trail (Hours Vary)
D. Ramona Campus Ministry/ Club Community Service

*Students are not limited to the examples of action above. They are free to express their own creativity in social action. If uncertain, they must ask their theology teacher for approval.