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What is and is not Christian Service

General rule:

Service is for a worthy cause AND
Is a work of mercy or an act of Catholic social teaching AND
Money is not collected from the people you are helping AND
Is completed under the supervision of a nonprofit agency

Relatives may not be supervisors .

Will be recorded Will not be recorded

Profit/ Non profit

Non Profit agencies are established to help others, not to make money.They have proof of their status with a 501c(3) document.

Activities for Profit agencies if the agency is sponsoring an event to help others (i.e. walk a thon)

For Profit businesses/agencies are in business to make money. They should pay you to work for them.

Church Service /Church Choir Altar Server, Lector, Usher, Office aid, Youth Group Team Leader, Choir, or Cantor. Only planning hours will be recorded for youth group, not community building activities

Child care/ camp counselor

Shelters, free clinics, YMCA/Boys & Girls Clubs, after school care in public and private (non profit) schools, public recreation programs, non profit sports programs or camps.In the case of overnight camps, only active volunteer hours should be recorded.

Over night and break hours will not be recorded.

Baby sitting for family friends or neighbors.For profit daycare, sports, or camps.

Over night and break hours will not be recorded.

Animal Shelters

Animal Shelters/ Animal Rescue Groups

Free clinics sponsored by for profit groups.

For profit pet stores or veterinary clinics.

Pet adoption/fostering

Disabilities/ Elder Ministry

Special Olympics/ disabled services/ Assisting elderly in institutions or agencies/performances for populations in need.

Non agency- sponsored


Heal the Bay, Tree People, or other organized litter removal or habitat restoration. Maintenance projects for low income properties.

Non agency- sponsored clean up activities

Hunger/ Home-lessness

Food bank, soup kitchen, food delivery, building shelters, thrift shops.

Non agency -sponsored activities

Teacher Aid / Tutor

Promoting literacy, library aid, academic/language tutoring, teaching arts and crafts, religious education class teacher or aid. Prepping special projects for teachers.

Activities where there is no student contact. (i.e. only filing, grading and recording student work)


Hospital volunteer services, exhibitions for community wellness, free clinics.

For profit doctor’s office


Unpaid voter registration, poll worker, candidate or ballot issue assistant.

Please get parent permission

Protests, strikes, rallies

Social justice

Advocacy activities (legal protests, walks and vigils), awareness campaigns, analysis of problems toward solutions.Must have teacher and service coordinator approval beforehand.

No prior approval by service coordinator and supervising teacher.

Ramona Service

Open house, Back to school, recruitment events, scholarship events.

Campus ministry service and justice education projects.

Retreats: Frosh=10 hrs. Soph.=6hrs

Jr.= 6 hrs. Kairos=20 hrs.

Activities where the proceeds benefit school clubs, classes, or student organizations.

Non-fundraising activities that benefit a class, club, or department.


Hours spent during walk-a-thons or other fundraising events for needy causes. Organizing, publicizing, and managing charity drives.

Donations or money raised is not recorded or converted to an hourly amount.

Special Project

There are exceptions! If you have an idea, or opportunity that seems to fit guidelines but you are not sure, ask the Christian Service Coordinator.

Projects not approved before completed.

Service Requirements:
  • Freshmen and sophomores must complete 5 hours of service per semester. Juniors and Seniors must complete 10 hours per semester.
  • Summer service counts toward fall service requirements.
  • If a student works at an off-campus organization four or more times, she must obtain a letter and/or time sheet from that organization verifying her hours.
  • Service hours are recorded by grade level on the transcripts.
  • Information is recorded three times a year; end of August, early December, and late April.