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Beat the Heat Campaign

Help Us Beat the Heat!


If you played sports in Ramona’s gym…

If you were a spectator and cheered for your favorite Tigers in Ramona’s gym…

If you sat in the gym to listen to a guest speaker, pray at Mass, participate in a pep rally, or danced the night away…

You know how hot it can get! You know that even the largest of fans doesn’t cool it down enough. Even if you haven’t done any of the above, given the recent heat wave, you don’t have to stretch your imagination too far to realize how uncomfortable it can become!

You can help us remedy this situation! Multiple contractors have examined the gym, taken measurements, and analyzed different strategies and feel that we have come up with the best plan for installing air conditioning. Given the size of the gym, the additional electrical capability that will be needed, and other construction and installation costs, the bottom line for the project is $255,000. An upgrade of this magnitude is beyond this year’s operational budget; that is why your help is urgently needed now. Air conditioning will not just benefit our athletes and spectators; the gym is the only place large enough to accommodate our entire school community. All of the students and faculty use it regularly.

We don’t want to wait any longer! We have been assured that every dollar donated will be matched. This is your opportunity to double the impact of your donation.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Sister Kathleen Callaway, SNJM

Our student body population continues to grow, and the gym is the only building on campus that can accommodate everyone at once. We need cooling units in order to ensure the safety of our students and staff. We need cooling units to ensure the safety of our athletes as they practice and play.

Valerie Green, Dean of Students

I have been in charge of school dances for a number of years and the temperature inside is unbearable. During school gatherings and assemblies, everyone in attendance would have a wonderful, pleasant experience if the gym had air conditioning. Having air conditioning in the gym is an excellent marketing selling point. Ramona wants to continually improve what we offer in order to stay competitive and attract top students. This may not be possible if we don't provide the best accommodations.

Laura Dumas, Director of Student Activities

We have been surviving for many years with large fans, misting bottles and multiple water breaks during practices and games. On the hottest days we have resorted to dips in the pool and water workouts. Coaches have altered routines to simple walk through plays and watching play backs of games. The feeling can be very working in an oven. The hot humid days are the worst...a sauna would be a good example. No amount of water cools you totally. Air conditioning is really a requirement as our weather has changed over the 34 years. The recovery time from heat spell to heat spell is shorter which impacts athletes’ performance levels.

Deb Drury, Athletic Director