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Where are they now?

A Ramona education empowers students for life.

It is no surprise that our graduates make their dreams a reality! Below are the stories of just a few of our amazing alumnae.

Tessa Stecker '01
Community Medicine and Faculty Development Fellow at Kaiser Permanente

B.A. Biology, International Relations, and Sociology,
University of Southern California
MD Medicine, University of Southern California

“From Ramona, I’ve learned the importance of respecting myself and others and the importance of self-reflection, faith, and curiosity in a lifelong journey of learning. My training at Ramona has uniquely prepared me to embrace the breadth and depth of my capabilities. It is said that you can always recognize a Ramona girl: she has great hair and carries herself with confidence. Undoubtedly, that confidence is in part due to the amazing education I’ve received here at Ramona, an education that has not only prepared me for a variety of professional situations but has also equipped me with a cache of facts and details which serves me at cocktail parties and makes me a master of Trivial Pursuit.”

Carla Rivera '04
4th grade teacher, Good Shepherd Catholic School

B.A. Journalism, Pace University
M.A. Secondary Education, Loyola Marymount University
M.A. School Leadership and Administration, University of Notre Dame

"When I graduated and was on my way to Pace University in New York, I left feeling confident, wise for my age, fearless, empowered, strong in my faith, important and valued. I knew that Ramona Convent had prepared me to pursue my biggest dreams with conviction. My teachers made me aware of the importance of service to my community and the positive impact I could bring to society. The academic excellence I received prepared me to be a scholar that could reach higher levels of education. Ramona Convent placed me on a road to incredible success. I know that I am the woman I am today -- a woman of faith, a critical thinker, a strong communicator, and a transformative leader who integrates all facets of myself into all I do -- because I am a Ramona Convent graduate.”

Lisa Tran ‘03
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

B.S. Chemisty, California Institute of Technology
DDS Dentistry, UCLA
MD Medicine, Emory School of Medicine

“I was asked to join Ramona’s Science Olympiad team, and I was very hesitant. Mrs. Flagan insisted that I come to the meeting and give it a shot. I had a great time, so I also became involved with the Science Fair and Junior Engineering Technical Society. When I heard about FIRST Robotics and a few Ramona students showed interest, Mrs. Flagan was 100% supportive. Ramona Rampage Team 1159 was born, and Mrs. Flagan’s garage became our workshop where the magic happened. After developing a love for science at Ramona, I went on to Caltech to study chemistry and pursue scientific research. After college, I attended UCLA for a dental degree and then Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, for a medical degree and surgical training to become an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. I still do bone regeneration research at Georgia Tech because of the passion for science that Mrs. Flagan instilled in me. Her energy and spirit inspired us as students.”

Jessica Ochoa ‘08
PhD Candidate,
Molecular Biology/Biochemistry Biophysics and Structural Biology, UCLA

B.S. Biology and Chemistry, Whittier College

“After Ramona, I attended Whittier College where I received my B.A. in Biology and Chemistry. I quickly realized that I was most fascinated by understanding biological processes at the molecular level. I recently started the Molecular Biology Interdepartmental Doctoral Program at UCLA with an emphasis in Biochemistry, Biophysics and Structural Biology. Throughout my education, I encountered numerous teachers, professors, and mentors that helped to nurture my passion for the sciences. It was precisely these people who led me to pursue a career in academia and education. Once I obtain my Ph.D., I want to continue research and teach biochemistry at the collegiate level so that I, too, can cultivate a passion for the sciences. I want to provide mentorship and opportunities to underrepresented students, just as my mentors did for me. Additionally, I want to work to provide opportunities for K-12 students to get excited about and begin to explore academic research in the STEM fields.”